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Rapid Intros: Jamie Johnson and Charis Charitsis

Jamie Johnston. Jamie will be talking about a new initiative started in the School of Medicine and recently incorporated into VPTL – the Stanford “Digital Medical Educational International Collaborative” or “Digital MEdIC” for short (  The initiative ultimately aims to make high quality medical education content available to learners worldwide and particularly in low-resource areas where healthcare provision is lacking. Right now, the initiative is still in the early stages of developing and aggregating content. As part of this, the team not only wants to create a library of content but to iterate and learn about ways of making digital learning more effective. They will begin piloting courses in India and South Africa in early 2018, and Jamie would like to get feedback on a study she is designing with a couple medical students that tests the effectiveness of incorporating strategic reinforcement questions and question-style (i.e. Socratic style) lecturing into an asynchronous online anatomy course.

Charis Charitsis. Charis will be presenting about his work on designing technology to help collect data about learners on a multitude of well as an application he has been working on for a while that he wants to unveil to Lytics! (Even I haven't seen it, so excitement is high.)

Real Date: 
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 16:00