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Rapid Intros: Glenn Davis and Kathy Mirzaei

Glenn Davis. Glenn will be talking about a project he is starting up with Andreas Paepcke and two students from CS and Education. They are looking at edX discussion forum data and trying to come up with a method to reduce redundancy in instructor-forum interactions by automatically identifying good answers to questions and grouping together similar questions. 

Kathy MirzaeiKathy will be talking about the Center for Advanced Research through Online Learning (CAROL) , whichfacilitates research using data collected from online courses offered through OpenEdx, Coursera, and NovoEd platforms. Data collected includes but not limited to; learners manipulating controls on video players, submission of solutions to problems, posts on message boards, and some demographic data. All data that CAROL shares is stored on a machine called DATASTAGE. Join us for a brief introduction to different types of data available on Datastage and the request process.

Real Date: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 16:00