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Lytics Lab Open House

In October, the Lytics Lab held an open house to showcase current research in digital learning environments. An interdisciplinary group of presenters from Learning Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Communications, Statistics, Design, and other fields shared their posters - after which Lab Directors delivered brief remarks to welcome researcher from across campus and the community beyond.

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Presenter: Emily Schneider
Project: Making Reading Visible: Enhancing Humanities Learning with Shared Digital Texts


Presenter: René Kizilcec
Project: Closing the Global Achievement Gap in Online Learning with Psychological Interventions


Presenter: Petr Johanes
Project: Creating a Graphic Novel to Facilitate Learning the Fundamentals of Thermodynamics


Presenter: Daniel Greene
Project: Assessing Practical Teacher Mindset Knowledge


Presenter: Iris Howley
Project: Alleviating the Negative Effect of Voting on Help Seeking in MOOC Discussion Forums


Presenter: Betsy Williams
Project: Understanding Learner Behavior in Teams: Peer Effects in Online Courses for Teacher Professional Development


Presenter: Michelle Friend & Chris Piech
Project: Descriptions of People: Investigating Stereotypes and Identity